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Believe in your demo!
Age of Empires units do not absorb man. We have simple maths! Knight got ten attack, you have two armor, knight is doing eight damage. Don't give me that, like, 25 percent for the critical attack, it got the armor type of the heavy armor, the shield armor, the fuck armor, absorbing using the magic charging techs. That's not us man.
I will pass!
my quick wall is quick fail
Build faster you little fuckers.
Everything is invisible to me
I will bench you so hard that you will never stand up.
I don't need to micro. I have hill
I don't need people to die man!
He challenged me in Vodka war. He will fail.
Forest Nothing is like freaking game of thrones man!
They are hand, and they are cannons
Nothing type of maps are quite fun
ok, ok, lets patrol this army and never look at them again...
i send 1k wood. i'm a good teammate
They are standing, but they are coming.
what happened man we once had beautiful army and now it's gone
every girl wants to go where daut go
you're going down little man!
Usually when i travel i tend to come back with much less bags
I deserve to be trolled
They place me above you. So they place me correct
if only AoC was turn based like chess
I know shisha is bad for health, but i dont plan to live forever.
shit goes wrong when i'm not there
Who can hate me?
my luring skills are good, i should be fine
Samurai counter Cav Archers that makes no sense man!
Time goes faster when u sleep all day
BAM! ... BAAAM!! ... come on i said BAM! there u go
i will still find a way to lose this villager
never be nice man never be nice.
every gold in the map is my gold
The wolf is outmicroing me
Attack ground should be removed from this game
I don't like to micro to be honest
This hill I like... I take!
get converted fucker!
i always try hard
you have a problem, just make a gate.
time to reboom
When your main army is 5 spearmen, you know you are fucked
NOOOO don't resign yet! i want to kill u!
I miss the old me... I was a cool guy
i'm hard to catch
Redemption is the counter to Redemption! New meta confirmed!
why do I make castle? it's hard to resist not to make castle!
When someone holds your hand, you hold it back
i will outlast everybody
Dance is cheating
everybody who knows me in person is a lucky person
Forest nothing is actually so tense at the beginning
There is no such thing as too many monks
Best way to fix this is shit tons of TCs
what? I am top score?
This game is full of Daut castles
Noooo! no my relics! relics give me a hope for a better tomorrow
double nothing is nothing man, easy maths!
When eagles kick in the problems begin
come on spearmen, what are you doing? are you drunk or something?
Farms is the imperial age unit to make
They don't know how to play so they won
Is not trolling if it works
Deleting your TC in team game is disrespectful to your allies. You only do that in meaningless 1v1 tournaments
I have powers everywhere i go
when somebody ask me to micro for them you know shit is really bad
We can't lose while we're winning
Camels are smarter than knights
You can't raid me, I don't have anything
I lost all my economy to lions
When you believe hard enough your tower may hit something
his walls got walls man
I'm gonna treb his ass to the freaking dark age
I win to the deer but i lost to the boar
I spent all day microing farms man
if you have your own private island and cant find your sheep, then something is wrong with you.
Delete yourself
Probably boars are hosting their own talk show to make fun of us
Villager production? I don't need that
How did I end up being this good? I don't know. Nobody does.
you get housed when you don't make houses
My knights are killing me but i'm happy
Luring deers is for people that care.
he cannot work when he is dead, that's how this game works
I have the hill i have all the shit i need
I'm hot, funny and rich
the best plan is always an easy win
it was two militia now it’s three? They are multiplying
my economy is four farmers
I'm your hero? You have low standards man
you should always trust robo
Bodkin arrow is good when all your army is towers
I have 7 villagers and I don't even know where they are
I believe in my micro
this little bridge will be full of blood
just because they cannot make cool elephants they are converting mine
PLan? ok i guess i go afk for the first 5min to make the game even
can I quick wall? I fight with villagers I don’t need quickwall
I wish I could shift click my kids to get them to do what I tell them to do
not impossible but not possible either
I feel like the balance team are a bunch of trolls
now I have to scout for 1 cow? I'm not doing that. they can give me that 1 cow next patch!
You live, you learn... you wall..
the problem with skirms is you need a lot of them to be efficient, and they're still not efficient
he stole my boar I steal his units
on socotra there are no nice guys
I did micro enough for today
Once you start failing it never stops
houses are for people to live, not for being part of a wall
People is always rushing man, rushing here, rushing there... Why we can't just chill
the plan is to die, and the game is going according to plan right now
What's a game without a DauT castle?
Every wall needs a hole
Usually when the plan starts with "I hope" the plan is hopeless
Civ win is still a win!
He tried to outsmart me, but I'm not smart at all!
Oh I won, you are all dead
If i send 1 vill forward i lose 2
Yes yes, i made my mistakes and i'm proud of them
I micro with the brain
boost me, man!